23 September – 14 October 2020

This action-packed broadcast series promises a fantastic line-up with some of the top names in the industry bringing you the latest updates on research, market insights and innovation. The series will detail how the market is changing and understand the key market trends as they’ve developed throughout 2020 (pre and post COVID). There is undoubtedly lots of opportunities to target consumers with new ingredients, formats and benefits – but just what does the future look like for sports nutrition?

The four part event includes an introductory episode on the 23 Sep followed by three themed episodes; Performance and Recovery on the 30 Sep, Gut Microbiome on the 7 Oct and Brain Performance (focus on Esports) on the 14 Oct. This allows our hosts and industry experts to cover three trending categories in-depth. After taking in the engaging content join the NutraIngredients global team on a virtual run on the 2 Oct – run at your pace in any place and be in for a chance of winning a €100 amazon voucher*.

Attending the 2020 online Sports & Active Nutrition Summit Europe series is FREE and pre-registration is required.