Anna Sward

Founder & CEO, Protein Pow

Anna holds a PhD and is the CEO and founder of Protein Pow®, a brand born out of a website that stands as the world’s most comprehensive resource for protein powder-based recipes. Anna pioneered the idea of protein powders as an ingredient in cooking, inspiring a global community of enthusiastic fans to ‘think outside the shake’. Anna’s work has been featured in several leading magazines and she has worked with supplement companies worldwide. She is the author of Protein Pow(d)er: The Cookbook, The Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook, Protein Pow: Quick and Easy Snacks and the Protein Pow App. In 2019, Protein Pow® released the world’s first ready-to-eat (and ready-to-bake) high-protein and plant-based chilled cookie dough bars as a way to tap into a growing demand for plant-based protein snacks and satisfy an increasing hunger for fresh and exciting on-the-go products.

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