Daniel Davey

Senior Performance Nutritionist, Dublin Senior Football and Leinster Rugby

Daniel works as a performance nutritionist with elite athletes in a range of sports, including rugby, football, hockey, golf and athletics. Working with individuals, he develops nutrition strategies for injury recovery and the achievement of specific performance goals. He believes that helping athletes understand nutrition will help their long term health inside and outside of sport. Daniel has a BSc in Science from University College Dublin and an MSc in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health from the University of Bristol. He is also a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is a committed athlete and uses his own experience as a player to understand the practical implications of applying the science of sports nutrition to peak performance in sport.

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When tough guys get hurt. The strategic and practical role of nutrition for recovery from injury in professional rugby

Professional rugby, perhaps the most physically demanding of any contact sport, needs its players to be strong, powerful and resilient. Nevertheless, injuries, often of long duration, are common. When they occur, coaches and managers want players back in shape fast. Nutrition has become a critical element of recovery protocols designed to accelerate recovery. However, getting the best result means understanding the exact nature of the injury and developing the best nutritional strategy to support an elite athlete. Based on his work with some of the game’s toughest players, Daniel explains the science behind the sports injury.

  • That hurts – common injuries in rugby, phases of treatment and typical recovery times
  • Getting better – developing nutritional strategies and helping players adapt
  • These work – proven supplements for specific sports injuries
  • Make me better – why tough players make tough patients and how they can be helped