HIDDIT – which stands for ‘How I Did It’ – is a Belgian sports nutrition company, strongly focussing on triathletes. In the midst of an overwhelming offer of sports nutrition, HIDDIT decided to take a unique starting point in their development of what had to become the finest triathlon nutrition available: they went to double Ironman World Champion Luc Van Lierde, and started developing their range from scratch, based on real-life experience from a world champion and coach of the current elite.

Luc’s requirements were then coupled to the latest scientific research, to develop no-compromise, science-backed products to cater to the world’s most demanding athletes.
In the course of this development process, one determining factor for success became more and more prominent: the gut and optimal digestion. A strong focus on digestibility and optimum gut health naturally originated from the many interviews and tests that were conducted with Luc and his pro triathlon team ITZU.

The concern for a healthy gut and optimal digestion resulted in the complete banning of artificial sweeteners such as sucralose from the HIDDIT range, and choosing the best possible ingredients.
A racing nutrition planner was also adopted to guide triathletes in the proper use of nutrition to unlock their best possible performance.

Recent research and the new insights in the microbiome are guiding HIDDIT’s current product development to offer nutritional solutions for athletes depending on gut health for their extreme performances.