Isaac Nutrition


isaac nutrition was founded by Charlotte Binder and Tim Dapprich in Cologne, Germany in 2017. It is the first company offering insect-based sports nutrition within Europe. The start-up combines sustainability, taste, functionality and design in high-quality food products and meets the demand of the modern, environmentally- and health-conscious consumer.

Insects, and especially the used Buffalo Worm, deliver high contents of high-quality protein, fiber and fatty acids as well as many different minerals (e.g. iron and zinc) and Vitamins (e.g., B12, D, Biotin). Their nutritional properties fit the needs of athletes perfectly. Furthermore, their rearing and processing are extremely resource-efficient compared to other livestock. Less water, land, feed and energy are needed to produce valuable nutrients.
Given the limited natural resources the use of insects as food can hence help secure the sustainable supply of healthy protein for an exponentially growing world population.

The protein powder was developed in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Muenster and was released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in April 2018. Apart from introducing new sources of protein to the market, the team is set to change the image of sports nutrition and communicate the often stigmatized products in casual and approachable way.