Luca Bucchini

Vice-Chair, European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA)

Luca is an expert in food and supplement law and a food risk scientist. In 2003 he co-founded the Rome-based food and cosmetics consultancy, Hylobates, which has registered thousands of sports nutrition and food supplement products across Europe on behalf of clients large and small. Luca is also a director of EuroFIR, the non-profit organisation of food composition databases. He has been a principal scientist on a contract for EFSA, has participated in several European Commission initiatives and managed the PlantLIBRA project on plant food supplements. He has been a member of Italy’s Ministry for Health working group on health claims, writes regularly on all aspects of food law and provides EU Law training both to the industry and its regulators.

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The cost of non-compliance – why everyone loses when companies miss the mark

The EU imposes strict rule to ensure consumers can confidently access safe, high quality sports nutrition products. Companies that inadvertently bring non-compliant products to market – either because they don’t know or fail to understand the regulation – court reputational damage and even business failure. Others may suffer too. Consumer safety could be compromised and the competitiveness of compliant companies damaged, as confidence, among consumer and policy makers alike, is compromised. Luca’s presentation reveals the startling extent of non-compliance and challenges the industry at large to tackle it.

  • How serious is it? The extent of non-compliance and the industry-wide threat it poses
  • What’s the score? How a high-growth industry can be stalled by non-compliance
  • Whose problem is it? Why the industry has to take action – and how
  • The direction of travel. How regulation is evolving – and how to keep pace