Join us in Amsterdam for 3 days of insightful talks, debates, and interactive sessions as we explore the latest scientific, technical, regulatory and market insights in the sports and performance nutrition arena.  Designed to allow you to travel in and out within the 3 days, our programme combines educational presentations with extensive networking opportunities designed to help connect the dots in a more comprehensive way and stimulate conversations between business, regulatory experts and academia.

Key themes for our 2019 summit will include the nutritional considerations for athletes throughout the life stages, a deep-dive into the science and formulation issues associated with specific dietary patterns like vegan athletes and those following keto diets, and a focus on the latest cutting edge science on recovery and pain management in sports and exercise.

Also on the agenda will be engaging sessions on product development, brand strategies, and the rising interest and regulatory in hemp and CBD in the sports nutrition space – providing a one-stop-shop for experts across the sports nutrition value chain.

From product development and new ingredients, to the latest scientific research; and from formulation to consumer insights the Sports Nutrition Summit is set to explore the latest trends in the industry.

Key sessions include:

  • The athletic life: Nutritional considerations for athletes through the life stages
  • New science in performance nutrition: From pre-workout nutrition to pain management
  • Formulating products for athletes with special diets: From vegan to keto and beyond
  • CBD in sports nutrition: Where does the science and regulation sit?
  • Sports snacking: Opportunities for product development in new formats
  • Innovations in formulation and delivery: Meeting consumer demand for new flavours and formats
  • Future focus: What does the future hold for the category
  • Know your market: Lessons and market insights from top brands in different countries

The advance programme for the conference will be available to download here soon but in the meantime sign up to keep up to date with the latest programme developments: