The Sports Nutrition Summit Europe 2019 saw industry experts from across the globe join for 3 days of insightful talks, debates and interactive sessions as we explored the latest scientific, technical and regulatory and market insights in the sports and performance nutrition arena.

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Know your athlete

This year the programme challenges you to know your athlete, as we explore the latest scientific research and product development across a number of key areas:

The athletic life
Nutritional considerations vary for athletes through the life stages, from early elite athletes to senior performance. We look at the requirements at different ages, and opportunities to tailor products to meet the specific needs of athletes, whatever their stage of life.

Formulating products for alternative diets
With athletes favouring a plethora of alternative diets, from vegan to keto and beyond, how can these be included in mainstream sports products?

The female athlete
Female athletes have unique energy and nutrition requirements compared to their male counterparts. In an industry often tailored to male athletes where are the opportunities for developing products to the female athlete, to meet her specific requirements.

New science in performance nutrition
Challenges vary across sporting arenas, from enhancing cognitive performance under stress for endurance athletes to recovery nutrition for teams, we explore some of the latest scientific insights in performance nutrition.

New ingredients – safety and efficacy
New ingredients such as CBD are piquing interest right now. We look at the latest regulatory updates relating to novel foods and new ingredients, and the responsibility of the industry to ensure new ingredients are introduced safely with solid scientific backing.

From primary research to on-field performance
Scientific research is showing us the unique requirements across the many fields of sports and active nutrition. From the casual gym-goer to the elite sports stars, how can applied science carried out in academic labs be utilised by industry and translated in to new products, which meet the needs of athletes and businesses?

Geographical insights
Athletic and consumer profiles differ across European geographies – from sports culture and heritage to differences in retail channels, shopping habits and format preferences, we invite leading brands from key regions to introduce their market