Tom Morgan

Market Analyst – Sports Nutrition, Lumina Intelligence, William Reed

Tom is the sports nutrition analyst for Lumina Intelligence, a new business intelligence service launched this year by William Reed. Registered as an associate nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition, with a degree in nutrition with food consumer science from the University of Reading, his career is focused around nutrition, food science, sensory, and consumer insights, primarily in the ingredients sector. His previous work has included researching nitric oxide and its effects on health.

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How strangers shape a market. Online customer reviews and their impact in sports nutrition

As consumers wade through a buffet of options when they purchase online, peer reviews act as compass for their buying intent. With sports nutrition products proliferating at a staggering rate it’s getting harder to get your brand noticed, to see where to head, and to find the key points of difference that capture customer attention. We’ve analysed granular data from reviews, from ingredients and the science behind them to build, from the bottom up, a picture of the sports nutrition world and how its customers buy. Tom’s presentation describes the market, its customers and what drives their engagement and, vitally, what makes them leave a positive review.

  • The flavour of countries – which markets stand out strongest?
  • Ingredients and the growth of plant power – how plant proteins and botanicals are starting to take root
  • What a boost – newly emerging nitric oxide and pre-work out markets
  • Targeting matters – how a softer approach will stretch the market beyond its body builder heartland
  • Creating conversation – how to encourage, reward and use positive customer reviews