NutraIngredients are always on the hunt for entrepreneurial start-ups to present their innovative ideas at our series of events.

This year, for the Sports Nutrition Summit Europe 2019 , we’ve picked out some excellent start-ups to join our session on innovation and to pitch their company to industry-leading experts during the summit. You’ll be able to hear from our Trailblazers on day two of the summit.

Here are 2019’s Trailblazers:
Vieve is founded by entrepreneur, Rafael Rozenson. After using sports nutrition supplements for 20 years and spending a career working on prestigious FMCG brands like Evian, Bacardi, Disney, Danone and Mars, Rafael spotted an opportunity to apply his product development and marketing experience and create his own product.
Over the course of 2 years, Rafael worked with dieticians, nutritionists, creatives and manufacturers to create the perfect protein water drink. Vieve launched online in the UK in the summer of 2017 and rolled out nationwide through retailers in 2018.
Tom set up Affinity Nutrition with the direct help of the health and fitness community. It was their advice and feedback which created the framework for a high protein product with a cleaner, more natural ingredient list. Further research into the role of fibre and gut health led to the addition of an innovative set of fibres, partnering the enhanced ingredients for a performance protein bar.
Beyond the bars, Tom wanted to keep the close affinity to the community by setting up a page dedicated to the free information of evidence-based, entertaining health and fitness content. Affinity Nutrition is more than a protein bar company as it looks to make a global impact of health, fitness and
MiNutra is founded by businessman and scientist Dr Eric Hilton. With over 20 years in healthcare and subsequent success in the supplement industry, Personalised Nutrition became a reality. Eric found that his knowledge and experience and working with people who had solutions to his problems, an opportunity to make a unique and novel product. Working with several universities on biomarker analysis, mini analytical devices and physicians on nutrition he brought all these parts together. Over 3 years of development, the product is ready. An affordable model is being re-engineered to provide customers an affordable personalised experience through its mobile app. MiNutra is available in B2C and B2B formats ready for early 2020 launch.