Viviana Spaghetti

Associate Director, The Whitehouse Consulting

Viviana has an in-depth knowledge of EU and UK politics and policies, having held positions in Brussels and London, researching, forecasting and evaluating the effects of European and national policies on businesses. This, along with significant expertise and experience in the food and drink sector, enables her to provide counsel and support for companies engaging with various European Union institutions and Member States, as well as policy-makers in Westminster, Whitehall, local government, and the devolved city region. She also supports companies assessing the viability of entry into new markets and helps them navigate the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

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Brexit is coming. Opportunities, threats, likely scenarios and options for engagement

The UK’s withdrawal from the EU is one of the biggest uncertainties facing sports nutrition businesses today. At the end of a frenetic summer of negotiation between the EU and the UK government, public affairs specialist Viviana Spaghetti offers up-to-the-minute insights on progress towards D(eparture) Day, 29 March 2019. What will be the terms of the UK withdrawal from the EU? What will the future trade agreement between the UK and the EU – and with third countries – look like? What will be the impact of Britain’s departure on the movement of labour and goods? This presentation eschews the daily Brexit froth served up by the media to give a balanced assessment of progress towards a new Europe and how businesses will operate within it.

  • On track or off the rails. How likely is it that the EU and UK will conclude a trade deal that avoids tariffs and bureaucracy at borders?
  • Common standards or open season. Will food safety standards, labelling provisions and rules on nutrition and health claims come closer or diverge?
  • Surviving or thriving. Are there opportunities as well as risks and how can you grasp them?
  • Part of the solution. How can sports nutrition businesses engage to influence this process and the rules in a new market and policy environment?